Laser hair removal is painless and very effective in removing hair from any part of the body such as legs, hands, bikini area, underarms and even face. Also, it is suitable to all skin types and offers long lasting results. The laser hair removal technique makes use of a high intensity beam of light which when made to penetrate the skin, disables the hair follicles from further growth.

Laser hair removal is a painless procedure; while undergoing the treatment you only get to feel a mild sensation.

It’s a full body treatment and can be used for abdomen line, shoulders, bikini line, buttocks, chest line, chin, feet, neck, hands/ fingers, inner thighs, lower back, arms, and underarms.
For men, laser hair removal brings effective results in areas such as cheeks, full abdomen, neck, nape, thighs, underarms, upper lips, and chin. Multiple treatment session (Typically 4-6 weeks apart)